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Tunbridge School

We were commissioned by Tonbridge School to provide 2D CAD, 3D topographical and BIM LOD3 survey information for the development of a new science centre.

Whilst the original school was founded in 1553, many of the main buildings used by the school date from the second half of the nineteenth century.  This fusion of differing architectural types meant that our clients required a sympathetic BIM reflecting all the unique internal and external features within the key buildings.

To ensure that all elements of the project adhered to current RICS guidelines for measured building surveys, we generated an initial survey control network, using HDS Laser Scanners.  This enabled us to  facilitate a true SCAN to BIM approach using our standard methodology.

One of the key factors in the production of the BIM was the accurate representation of all unique features; all windows, doors, mouldings, iron work, steps and ballisters were individually measured and modelled.

Surrounding building elevations were also modelled sympathically to reflect the differences in architectural styles. and provide context for the future development.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this work was the re-creation of the original had carved stone staircase within the main entrance hall, each tread, riser and ballister was recreated within the BIM environment.